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What does a day on Hype look like?


Rise and shine London. Plan to start your day with Hype. Featuring the best neighbourhood coffee shops, brunch spots, and places to go for a stroll in the sunshine. Come on, drag yourself out of bed, grab that yoga mat, and start your day off right.


It’s Mid-day on Hype. Trying to escape the office for a long lunch? Is it the weekend and you’ve just woken up? Maybe you’re ready to explore some great art galleries or hit a few small fashion boutiques? In the middle of the day you’ll find everything from great activities and places to go to things to eat and spots for meetings.


You’ve survived another day in our beautiful city. Now it’s time to grab a bite to eat, a cheeky pint, and head out on the town. We curate a selection on the best things happening each and every evening. You’ll find a range of fantastic restaurants, great pubs, slick bars, and exciting events. We live in one of the world’s great cities, let’s make the most of it.

Late Night

Here we go again. Are you a bit of a night owl? Had a few drinks and now feeling peckish? Late at night you’ll find thumping warehouse parties, great club nights, late night food spots, and loads of bars that stay open late. Just don’t blame us for that headache tomorrow morning.

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Constantly evolving, constantly expanding. Based on your feedback.


East London is where it all began for Hype, and is arguably the creative heart of London. From the independent coffee shops of Shoreditch, the breweries of Bethnal Green, and the amazing street art of Hackney Wick. From the thumping clubs of Dalston to the lovely boutiques and restaurants of Columbia Road and Broadway Market. East keeps things fresh.


The beating heart of our great city surely must be Central. Whether you’re after a little shopping in Covent Garden, dinner in Clerkenwell, a great jazz club in Soho, or simply want to sip a fantastic coffee in Marylebone or Fitzrovia, Central’s got it all. Follow our curators as we keep things independent.


Crossing the Thames is a big step for many Londoners, but we promise it’s worth it. When was the last time you visited Borough Market? Went to an amazing club night in Brixton? Explored the hidden gems of Peckham? From Southwark to the South Bank, from the Tate Modern to Royal Festival Hall, South is worth a look.


Both edgy and exciting, North is diverse beyond all measure. Fancy a proper gig? Camden’s got you. Hungry? Head for Islington. Need a relaxing stroll? Just follow the Regent’s Canal from Angel to King’s Cross and on to Primrose Hill. Join our curators as they explore the beautiful hidden gems tucked away in the great neighbourhoods of North London.

Not your ordinary app...

Everything you find on the App is handpicked by Hype’s curators in real time. Our content is always fresh and relevant. We believe technology should empower people to share personal & original content, not feed you the same stale things you’ve seen before.


Our fancy term for 'we know what’s going on around you'. Hype is not powered by, and does not use data from those big global corporations. We know our neighbourhoods better than they ever will! When you walk the streets each and every day, you tend to notice the subtle changes...

Rich media

We create high quality photos, videos, interviews, and other content. We do this all for you. How many times have you wished you could see the inside of a venue in real time? With our videos and pictures, you can peek into dozens of locations and see what’s happening right now!


What our users say

The app is really resourceful and the videos are good for those who are picky or uncomfortable towards new places.
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User Avatar
Hannah Hawkeye
This is a great app. I work in London and always about somewhere and was looking for new places to chill grab a coffee and have a look round and his app gives you all the information you need.
User Avatar
Nick Mullinar
Refreshingly easy to use, nice design and actually has some events and places I'd be really interested to go to. I'm not the best at forward planning so this is ace. And the map function is a nice touch.

Meet the Team

Aleksandr Pasevin
Aleksandr P.
Graphic designer by trade, developer by night, artist at heart.
Gintare Zitkeviciute
Gintare Z.
Skills collector, urban creature. Makes things happen.
Aidas Bendoraits
Aidas B.
Tech Lead
Server side player, code poet. Culture and art appreciator.
Daniel Symons
Daniel S.
Born in San Francisco, in London for the weather, probably on my bicycle.
Carly Schwartz
Carly S.
Partnerships / Tours
A Canadian frolicking in East London. Eating, drinking, dancing, instagramming.
Will Marsh
Auste S.
Has an eye for style and beauty in simplicity. Above all - a positivity bomb.

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