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Hype is your local area in real time. We feature what’s going on right now! From gallery openings, gigs, and street art to restaurants, bars, weather, and news, we're the source for how you should be spending your precious free time. Our team is passionate about the best, hippest, most accurate, and amazing local recommendations.

Real time

Spontaneity is now. We feature what is happening right now or will start in no more than 3 hours.


We don’t feature rooftop bar on a rainy day! We care about the time of the day, day of the week, special occasions and weather.


Forget time consuming searches and irrelevant reviews. We curate s**t out of huge noise! We trust local experts and people who hang out in the area. We hire people to work with us through local meetups we organise.

Made in London for London

With one tap jump between the most vibrant and beloved areas of London.
Each neighbourhood is unique and attracts it’s own crowd. We understand that.
Quick Decissions
We know you’re in a hurry. We give you only what you need on the go. Short & to the point, free from other nonsense.
The Pulse
It’s truly the pulse of your city. Forget planning, live in the moment!
Not Just Events
City life isn’t only about finding places to go. Hype is a great source for the latest local news and gossip.
Featured Streams
London is huge! From time to time we compile special collections of our absolute favorites just for you.
Find Directions
With just a few taps you'll be on your way. We provide the map and you handle the rest.
Get going
There’s no time to sit around! Get on your feet and experience your area through Hype!

Not your ordinary app...

Everything you find on the App is handpicked by Hype’s curators in real time. Our content is always fresh and relevant. We believe technology should empower people to share personal & original content, not feed you the same stale things you’ve seen before.


Our fancy term for 'we know what’s going on around you'. Hype is not powered by, and does not use data from those big global corporations. We know our neighbourhoods better than they ever will! When you walk the streets each and every day, you tend to notice the subtle changes...

Rich media

We create high quality photos, videos, interviews, and other content. We do this all for you. How many times have you wished you could see the inside of a venue in real time? With our videos and pictures, you can peek into dozens of locations and see what’s happening right now!


What our users say

The app is really resourceful and the videos are good for those who are picky or uncomfortable towards new places.
User Avatar
User Avatar
Hannah Hawkeye
This is a great app. I work in London and always about somewhere and was looking for new places to chill grab a coffee and have a look round and his app gives you all the information you need.
User Avatar
Nick Mullinar
Refreshingly easy to use, nice design and actually has some events and places I'd be really interested to go to. I'm not the best at forward planning so this is ace. And the map function is a nice touch.

Meet the Team

Aleksandr Pasevin
Aleksandr P.
Graphic designer by trade, developer by night, artist at heart.
Gintare Zitkeviciute
Gintare Z.
Skills collector, urban creature. Makes things happen.
Aidas Bendoraits
Aidas B.
Tech Lead
Server side player, code poet. Culture and art appreciator.
Daniel Symons
Daniel S.
Born in San Francisco, in London for the weather, probably on my bicycle.
Melody Grossman
Melody G.
Graduated from a BA in Fine Art. Painting big abstract canvases and baking cakes.
Will Marsh
Will M.
Photographer and music enthusiast. On the lookout for exciting things to do.

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