What is the Hype Influencer Network?

Our Hype Influencer Network is a group of handpicked urban creatives, selected by our team to form an exclusive club and platform for people passionate about healthy lifestyles, fashion, art, design, architecture and other fantastic experiences, all happening in the urban jungle.
We’re making the most influential creative network in the world.

What can an Influencer do?

Our team helps influencers to get involved with paid lifestyle projects, expand their network and have a lot of fun. Each selected influencer will get invited to exclusive events, access to post on their Hype profile, which reaches all of our audience, as well as help with their profile branding, introductions to other users, and invitations to cool parties, art shows, Michelin star meals and other fun events.

Which cities do you cover?

We're launching Hype in all of the coolest cities. Before we launch, we first select 20 Influencers who become the gatekeepers of quality, new content and members.

If you’re interested to see your city on Hype, get in touch with us at gin@hypeapp.co