What are we trying to solve?

How long have you lived in your city? Have you fallen into a routine, going to the same old places, doing the same old things? It's frustrating, right? We all know it has so much to offer, that the City has a thousand things to be discovered, things with your name on… but, where do you start? It feels like a lot of effort... We’re changing that. It’s what we’re best at. We’re Hype.

Hype launched in July 2013 with the purpose of answering a simple question: "What should I do right now?". Our goal is to provide the perfect suggestion for each and every Hype user. By constantly iterating and combining real human curation with an evolving recommendations engine, we believe Hype will become the perfect companion for those living in urban centres across the world.

How does it work? 
What's the secret?

If we’re honest, machines don’t know anything about going out, it’s all ones and zeroes to them. It’s for this reason that we invite the most active city curators to join Hype. People from different backgrounds who are passionate about the cities they live in. Each curator has a different focus and neighbourhood. They keep an eye on what’s cool, trending, and happening right now. Being geeks, we’ve built warm and fuzzy algorithms and tools for them. Their purpose is to aid and help both our users and curators to discover the most relevant and exciting experiences in their beloved city.

There's no secret. It’s all hard work and passion for city life. Everyone at Hype picks the things they would love to do themselves. We care about the relevancy and accuracy of our content. Be it something as trivial as opening hours, the best dish on the menu or the perfect place to hide from the rain. We always double check our sources, update them in real time and go out in the field, taking our own pictures and videos. The Hype map is always expanding. We’re constantly growing our own content database, which includes more accurate locations, better and more personal tips, and gorgeous up to date photos and videos.



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Where is Hype available?

We started in Shoreditch. A small but vibrant area in the heart of east London. Currently, we cover each and every corner of London and New York where something is happening. At Hype, we focus on the neighbourhoods that our curators and users love. Where they live, work, and spend time in.

Soon we’ll be rolling out in San Francisco, Berlin and Barcelona. Where will we go next? This is a question for the Hype community. Ultimately we will be in every big city in the world!

How many people are behind this?

Just a few years ago we were two crazy people roaming the streets of east London and documenting cool venues, restaurants and street art in real time. Since then, Hype has given voice to more than hundred carefully selected curators.

Right now we're slowly opening our platform to anyone who wants to join and start curating and contributing to their city. We’re just starting so keep an eye on this space!

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